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BMC released Agonist models a week before
. This week, BMC has a new movement in the mountains, releasing a brand new Speedfox forest road bike.

at first glance, BMC Speedfox has nothing special, 27.5 (130mm) and 29 (120mm) two wheel diameters are optional, and the geometric data of the frame is conservative. But Speedfox really is special in Trailsync design, this design can be controlled by dip and after a shock absorber and a lifting seat tube.
Trailsync design is fully BMC Speedfox frame based on existing control device for lifting the seat tube hidden in a vertical pipe inside the frame, according to different size, lifting the seat tube length is different, 80mm (S), 100mm (M), 125mm (L, XL). The biggest reason for the lift stroke is 125mm because the space between the pipe and the riser is limited, which makes it unable to accommodate a longer riser. On the other hand, because the Speedfox does not have the traditional seat clip, the whole of the seat tube can be adjusted by the sleeve at the top, and it has the adjusting stroke of 25mm. = stop controller

is located in the seat sleeve arrows at the top of the tube

= internal control device

when the dip, located on the tube spring device due to the contraction of traction cable, lifting seat tube began to climb". At the same time, the pull device at the bottom of the riser seat drives the controller located in the riser, and the shock absorber will be in "Firm" mode. On the contrary, the dip, the lifting seat tube will be in the "decline", after the shock absorber will also be in the "Open" mode. in geometry, Speedfox in the five pass height and head angle does not change much with the old paragraph, but the Reach value becomes smaller, the lower fork length increases. The reason why BMC did it was to build a more integrated mountain bike, not just for downhill or uphill.

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