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Picture shows: Ge Yongqin runs with "students".

Ge Yongqin imprisoned with run coach is too restrictive when free

major: public business management (Sports) sophomore

part-time: coaching

salary: 100-400 yuan /

fluorescent green fast dry T-shirt, sports underwear, wearing black "short tight" professional running shoes, summer evening wind blowing Ge Yongqin's horsetail flash. And "running around Jiangwan in the vicinity of the stadium, she first went to a quarter of an hour, the professional attire caused a lot of amateur runners around the eyebrows.

, according to the Youth Daily, reports that marathon running is also hot as people become more and more healthy. Ge Yongqin is a sophomore at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and is a long run. This summer vacation she has a special part-time job, "one to one" to accompany the running coach.

running with control speed and running correct action

"I've been to the front of the Jiangwan stadium." After giving the "student" Cindy the WeChat, Ge Yongqin began his own warm-up. Cindy is an office worker, because the love of running the marathon to the initiation of the idea, but the objective reality is full, skinny, as she thought of the workers find a "private education" one to one teaching, one is free, his time at any time, and targeted training can quickly improve skills.

, but in Ge Yongqin's "professional running circles", such a one to one teaching case is not many. The obvious night running activities are "running group". Chance coincidence made Ge Yongqin take the part-time job.

and Cindy have met with finish, prepare high leg stretching after exercise, the two began around the Jiangwan stadium jogging for 40 minutes. 20 minutes later, well proportioned, the dark Ge Yongqin started running like a deer, and Cindy obviously slowed down his footsteps. There are constantly running friends and anti super, Cindy's anxious mood also reacts to the pace of acceleration, "we follow the rhythm of our own." Ge Yongqin, the coach of the company, spit out the words in time. She has been controlling the speed of running. She has been jogging for 40 minutes with Cindy in a leading way.

"you look at my arm, shoulder to relax, imagine a line in the middle of the body and swing the arm in the middle." When adjusting the rest, Ge Yongqin put the right forearm in the front of Cindy and began to correct the swing arm action. "Right, running feet need to rely on the middle and cushion when landing."
In addition to
and corrective action with cannon, coach also need to develop a week training plan, running time, mileage and speed are installed in Ge Yongqin's mind, will be adjusted according to the student's status weekly.

"this is the perfect combination of freedom and expertise"

from grade six in primary school

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