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At the end of the year to calculate your running economic accounts.The end of
, Taobao, Alipay and other baby who have automatic pop-up pages, remind you to look at the bill spending this year. How much did you spend on the hobby of running in the major marathon and running carnivals in 2014? A survey by the new express CBD reporter shows that local runners spend 3000 yuan on equipment for a year. Of course, there are also the low profile billing of the local tyrants, "I threw 50 thousand yuan for the overseas marathon."

number finger, oh no, it is according to the computer, for this year's running expenses calculate accounts.

[proud run]

50 thousand yuan to run a polar marathon

beam peak sun account
for Liang Feng, it's more important to experience a valuable game than to spend a lot of money on equipment. CEO Liang Feng, the company, only joined the runners this year, running 2 times a week and 5 kilometers per time. He was just good for his knee injury. In October, he challenged 15 other Chinese players in the -18 - C Arctic marathon and completed the first half marathon at the age of 38.
In order to prepare for this rare polar marathon,
spent more than ten thousand yuan on all kinds of equipment, including limited edition running shoes. He said he was inclined to choose a stamina running horse race compared to the cheapest horse race. Because running is a race with yourself, and sometimes it has nothing to do with money.

billThe number of horses in
: the 1 Arctic marathon.

shoes: 8 pairs, the world famous brand, all purchased in foreign countries, limited edition, total 4300 yuan.

clothing: it is mainly 2 sets of tight clothes and 1 beaver clothes, with a total of 5000 yuan.

accessories: the arm sleeve, socks and so on about 2000 yuan, for relaxation of medical equipment such as the foam shaft, such as about 600 yuan, a total of 2600 yuan.

transportation + accommodation fee + visa fee: mainly refers to the Arctic marathon. Visa fee of 700 yuan, the Copenhagen fly round-trip tickets 6800 yuan, from Greenland to the all inclusive fee of 35000 yuan, Copenhagen 2 nights accommodation 1200 yuan, a total of 43700 yuan.

incomplete statistics: 55600 yuan.

[high run]

from rookie to rational consumer runner

* Peter
: Uncle sun accountUncle
Peter started running in 2012. He positioned himself as a rational consumption runner. His view on running cost is "no need to equip equipment, nor to refuse equipment". In the controllable range, choose the most suitable way of consumption. However, the present reason is also from the blind growth of the "rookie". Uncle Peter confessed that, at the beginning, no >

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