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Cool summer popular protagonist contacts NIKE Desert Sabaku 2005-07-05 08:30:34 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Air Sabaku (Japanese translated as "desert") introduced a number of new, the following two are the most classic. Green models with shorts is very appropri Retro jordans for sale ate, shall be used with jeans and white will have amazing results. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Sabaku shoes known for cool comfort, ideal for summer. In fact, from its "desert" can also be seen in the names of one or two, to wear shoes in the desert, nature is the protagonist in the summer heat. Printed on the insole "desert sand" Two characters, pe cheap jordans for sale mens ople will be able to see through the eye of the Japanese Sabaku property, rotund fonts are people laughing. Related newsNike One Flyknit + details of the plan for the first time 2013-12-08 22:38:57 exposure caused an uproar in this summer Nike & nbsp; Flyknit + sweltering entirely, on the recent exposure of a network and the latest version of cheap foamposites & nbsp; Flyknit +. The Nike One Flyknit + & nbsp; is expected to be listed in 2013, from the exposure of the picture we can see, this Nike One Flyknit + uses a similar & nbsp; Lunarlon outsole LunarGlide + 4, and in more comfort on again floor.Manhattan Portage to New York City as the inspiration for the design of package decoration brand, clothin Cheap air jordans for sale g maker Alpha Industries recently designated cooperation with the US Department of Defense released the latest package of common models series. Of course, this is definitely a fan product of excellent quality, with military style backpacks, bags and other styles, the Israeli army gray coverage, although not enough eye-catching appearance, but prac Retro jordans for sale tical design and direct the use of spacing M65 windbreaker tough and waterproof nylon fabric in functionality On good to make up for this shortfall. It is reported that the package section has been added to the sale price ranging from 175-250 US dollars.Naismith developed the original 13 basketball rules, although not systematic, incomplete, some cheap jordans for sale provisions are not clear enough, but the development of the early basketball play a great role in promoting the development of. the basketball movement is the movement with the hand, the ball is round; is not allowed to walk or run with the ball in hand; athletes can be on the scene at any place, as long as they do not affect and impede the other Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping athletes; Do not allow physical contact between the athletes and athletes ; The ring should be level . according to these 5 basic principles, Mr. Naismith worked out the most original basketball rules. the original basketball game rules a total of 13. The basic contents of the 13 are: 1. players can use one or two hands to throw the ball in any di Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping rection. 2. players can use one hand or both hands to grab in any direction, play, but absolutely can not hit the ball with a fist. 3. player cannot walk. 4. must be hand holding, but not allowed to play with the top of the head, feet. 5. no shouldering, hand, hand push, hand, foot and other methods to deal with the other party members. Any member cheap jordans online of the team in violation of this rule, is considered to be a foul for the first time, the second re foul, it is to be forced to stop the game, until the hit a ball after the re play to participate in the game. If you are interested in hurting each other, you are going to cancel his qualification for the whole game, and he is not allowed to be on cheap jordan shoes for men the bench. 6. with a boxing ball is a violation of the third and fourth rules. 7. if any side of a row of foul 3 times, you have to count each other to hit a ball. Continuous foul means: in a period of time, the other players did not have a foul, and the team members of a series of foul. 8. if the defender doesn't touch the ball or the ball when the ball into the basket interference, and even stay in the basket in the basket. If the ball in the basket, and the other team touched the ball in the basket, also a fortune. 9. when the ball, the ball will be the first contact with the ball thrown into the pit. If there is a dispute, the referee will throw the ball into the play. Throw allowed 5 seconds, if more than 5 seconds, the ball to the other side. 10. the referee is the player the referee, he is entitled to a foul. When a team of 3 consecutive foul, he will inform the deputy referee. He has the right to cancel a player's match. 11. assistant referee is the referee of the ball, he can decide when the ball in the game, and to time, decide the ball hit, record the number of hits and bear the usual referee should bear the responsibility. 12. game in the 15 two minutes, the middle rest 5 minutes. 13. ball hit the most of the party to win, if a draw, the two sides agreed to the captain, the game can be extended to another hit a ball. basketball has developed into modern basketball today.

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